Answered By: Mary Kaye Hooker
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Permalinks are URLs that point to a specific item/resource on the Internet consistently.

  • Copying an article's URL from the address toolbar won't work in most cases


  • The process of creating stable links vary from resource to resource.
  • What is a permalink?
    • A permanent URL to a specific journal or article within an electronic resource/database.
    • Permalinks can be saved and used for future reference.
  • What does a Persistent links from Chamberlain subscription databases or resources look like?
    • The Permalink will always include this phrase: 

Database Hyperlinks examples on the Video:

Look at this video for examples:

A. EBSCOhost databases

B. ProQuest databases

C. Ovid databases

D. Chamberlain eJournal Collections

E. PubMed, PubMed Central, Cochrane Library or Open Access

A PDF on finding permalinks: